There are some major factors to consider when deciding about how to start your own kettle corn business. This type of operation involves the preparation and sale of this sweet and salty variety of popcorn. Once the decision is made to get started the first step is to prepare a business plan which is merely a document which shows what the cost of every ingredient that is used to make kettle corn would be. It also shows what the potential profit made per bag would be and what rate is needed to sustain production. It also helps to show the amount to make per hour.

Once the business plan is in place, the next step is to acquire the necessary permits needed to operate this kind of industry and to understand what is required regarding the health codes. This is important in order to pass any inspection conducted by the health inspectors. Purchasing the right equipment is a key factor in running a successful business. Before buying any equipment, investigate and make a list of what is needed for the operation to take place smoothly to avoid purchasing the wrong equipment. Choosing the most effective set up will affect the total cost of the equipment when making the budget.

The main ingredients used to make this delightful treat are popcorn kernels, oil, sugar and salt. The basic and most essential equipment needed are a kettle popper, popcorn scoop, sifting table, catch bin and packaging supplies. Choosing the best supplies is important because there are different types of popcorn kernels available and each type has their differences and benefits in the kettle corn process. It is also important to use the flavors which are widely addictive and the correct recipe in order to make the greatest profits.

This type of industry is very mobile and it is popular for setting up at several kinds of outdoor events such as carnivals, festivals and even close to markets. Wherever there are a lot of people is a good location to start this business. With many people about, sales will pick up quickly once the popping starts and can produce a good income in a short time. In order to have good success, it is essential to draft a plan about how to promote it. When advertising, there are some means that can be used like newspaper advertisements, community magazine articles or even word of mouth through friends and family.

Website promotion is also a good way to advertise this kind of company. Once the decisions are made on how to start your own kettle corn business all that is left to do is to get started and enjoy the profits.