Facebook is a social networking site that do not only keep people in touch with their loved one, stay connected with their friends, gain new acquaintances, play games and answer some polls. It is also a site where you can expose your talent in writing or poetry, market your business ventures and attracts potential buyers to check it out. Business entrepreneurs should take advantage of using Facebook as a marketing tactic to increase sales for it does not only expose your product, but it draws in more customers knowing that millions you people have Facebook accounts. Here are 10 ways to use Facebook as part of your marketing tactics.

1. Sign up and create a profile. Of course, you will not be able to use Facebook in the first place if you are not registered.

2. Fill in the necessary information that are based on facts to earn trust.

3. When joining any kinds of organization not just this site, read first the agreement before you proceed so you would know what you are getting into. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

4. Link your other online accounts into your Facebook like Twitter and other blog sites. This will increase not just your exposure, but also your sales as your followers will receive constant updates. However, when integrating sites from one another, be sure to limit your tweets or updates because this can be annoyingly distressing to your contacts and instead of getting their interests, you might end up to be in the blocked list or permanently deleted.

5. For security purposes, make sure to only close deals and make transactions with legit buyers. Investigate their backgrounds as well as their capacity to pay. Don’t get too excited making your first sale for you might only be fooled easily. The internet is also a place for scammers and fake buyers. So you have to watch your back.

6. Post necessary photos about your products. Customers are most likely to view your profile if there are some photos attached. Keep in mind that your customers do not have a physical access in your products, so you have to present it in the most attractive way to get their attention. Consumers usually consider buying a product if they find it interesting.

7. Expand your network. Invite more people based on your target group. This will increase the probability of potential customers.

8. Your Facebook URL should also be found along with your email and other links written in your business card or appear in your other marketing campaigns. This will give the consumers more options to reach you.

9. Post necessary business updates on your wall like upcoming sales, new arrivals, impending events and other activities. Some customers may find certain activities interesting and they might as well join in.

10. Use other Facebook application and tools like posting a question. This allows you to get valuable information about your customer’s interests and wants. Take advantage of the friend finder tool and start to expand your circle by connecting customers from other buyers.